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Kerry Trest, BMT Inventor and owner of KAT Excavation & Construction, Inc.


The Invention of the Bulk Master Top

A creative solution that you will not find anywhere else!

Kerry Trest opened KAT Excavation and Construction, Inc. in 1992 – a life long family journey of civil work, determination and entrepreneurship. The hard working family tradition has continued through the years and with the invention of the Bulk Master Top.


The Bulk Master Top became a vision of Kerry’s after he was approached to haul lime. Kerry did not have pneumatic trailers and this began his research on hauling quick lime or dry bulk products. He drew the initial BMT top out on paper, then to computer drawings, and set to task building the first one in 2015. The very first Bulk Master Top started hauling in February of 2016, and the patent on the Bulk Master Top was granted in October of 2018. 


Kerry’s concept of an easier and more efficient method of hauling lime has proven to be successful and accepted as a method of transportation for this product. The American Dream is now a part of his history as we fully expect this top to become a favorite accessory for owners of belly dump trailers. 

The first Bulk Master Top was built in 2015 and started hauling in February 2016

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