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An innovative, one of a kind, patented product that saves time, creates a better work environment, & increases your revenue.

What is the
Bulk Master Top?
The patented Bulk Master Top transforms a belly dump trailer into a quick lime tank. It absolutely is a one of a kind product that you will not find anywhere else!
BMT saves you time and makes you more money!
Bulk Master Top is a new way to transport quick lime and reduce the time to unload into seconds versus the 45-minute unload process from previous methods.
What is the
Bulk Master Top?
The Bulk Master Top allows your truck to become a multi-purposed truck for a variety of jobs. No more slow season, an opportunity to work when it rains, and variety added to your trucking services & work schedules means more business and income!
What is the
Bulk Master Top?
The patented design of the Bulk Master Top unloads dry bulk products with considerably less dust. Making it friendly for the environment, improves air quality and contributing to a cleaner job site!

A Rock Hauling Trailer to A Lime Hauling Trailer in minutes. Contact us to get yours today!



We look forward to answering your questions, send you a quote, and tell you more about how to get started with your own Bulk Master Top!

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